Elina Kaminsky Restrepo

Pharmacist and Supplement Consultant



Elina Kaminsky Restrepo

Registered pharmacists David Restrepo and Elina Kaminsky Restrepo are trusted resources among the best physicians in the country. Drawing on their shared experience—which includes Elina’s degrees in naturopathy, botanical medicine, and nutritional consulting and David’s degree in pharmaceuticals—they focus on integrative care at their Vitahealth Apothecaries in New York City.

The duo work collaboratively with other integrative specialists in areas such as oncology, ENT, pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology, acupuncture, and psychology to develop the safest and most comprehensive health solutions for their clients. David and Elina also formulate natural products for various supplement manufacturers and serve as advisors to beauty and wellness brands and drug development companies.

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