Robin Steinfeld

Essential Oil Practitioner


Robin Steinfeld

Robin Steinfeld is a holistic health educator with a specialty in essential oil therapy. She graduated from NYU with a Masters in Health Science & Education and has 30 plus years of experience in the education, practice, and science of essential oils. Her inspiration to explore natural healing came with her own experience dealing with life-long autoimmune disease. She has dedicated herself to healing naturally, using essential oils, and the results have been astounding.

Robin is a part of a global mission to put a “healer in every home” and support people to transform themselves into the vibrant, healthy individuals they long to be. You can find her frequently lecturing, teaching, and advocating for raising awareness about nature being the best source of healing for ourselves and the planet, and about how plants, herbs, and flowers have the synergistic intelligence to adapt to the human body to provide us with what we need to heal on many levels.

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