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HealthQuarters is the first company devoted to working at the intersection of all aspects of care.

Across our physical locations and digital experience, we’re building an interconnected network of leading practitioners and brands. And we’re supporting them with the tools, environment, and autonomy they need not only to perform at their best, but also to have a bigger impact on those they serve.

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Our locations are all about high-quality care and unparalleled experience:

health and wellness

HealthQuarters partners with leading hospital systems, practitioners, and brands. We’re uniting a network of quality care–cumulatively helping people reach their health goals.

In the heart of everyday life

We believe in accessibility, so no more off-the-beaten-path offices. Our locations are near where people live, work, and commute–helping to make it effortless for them to visit and engage with their health.

An obsession with experience

From architecture that promotes wellbeing to hospitality that sets a new bar, we've designed an experience to ensure guests are happy and your business can be at its very best.

Built for what really matters

Every partner is supported by a range of services from HealthQuarters. These help lighten the load of managing a practice–so our practitioners can get back to doing what they do best, taking care of people.

Our digital experience make it easier than ever for people to connect with the best care.
We’re working with providers and brands in three ways:

Brand discovery and access

Connection to a product or service’s webpage.

Intuitive online appointment process

Easy three-step booking process.

Immersive brand features

An extended profile, brand blogs, special offers, and more, all on your branded provider page.

All our partnerships must meet the following criteria:



Relevant for guests

We built HealthQuarters for our guests. We continuously curate our services and products, thinking carefully about how each one fits into our guests’ goals, health, and evolving needs.



Everything we offer is selected with results in mind, and any outcome must be backed by evidence.



All our practitioners are highly credentialed in their trade, and all products comply with the most stringent regulations in their respective categories.



We look to experts to inform which products to trust and choose. What’s offered at HealthQuarters is trusted and recommended by the same people who provide care.




You see through the eyes of every guest and respond to individuals with empathy and kindness.



You are forward-thinking. You recognize the importance of every detail relating to the practice of care, and how these elements can come together to help people feel their best.



Your work is based on a deep knowledge in and passion for your field. But you also care about imparting information in a way that helps people learn and make healthy choices.



You're open to joining a roundtable of providers at the forefront of health and wellness—a community that cherishes leveraging those connections to deliver care in an unparalleled way.

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