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Construction has started on the HealthQuarters flagship site at 632 Broadway, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you into our space this winter. In the meantime, we’ll be sharing photos of our progress, bringing you along for the ride as we gear up to open a new kind of health and wellness experience. Update #1 is from December 2, 2020, and finds exam rooms getting walls, arches being built, and the space beginning to take shape. Read on for more!

Construction is in full swing at our future flagship location on Broadway, between Houston and Bleecker, with work being done on all three floors simultaneously. Each room has received its walls, and the location is beginning to take on the look of its new life.

Looking down the hallway from the front entryway (top to bottom: rendering, pre-construction, this past week)

The first floor front lounge—which will eventually hold our check-in and a curated group of scientifically-backed, forward-thinking health and wellness brands—now holds construction materials and a folding table doubling as a desk.

A corridor with exam rooms on all sides (top: rendering, bottom: this past week)

The first of many corridors off the main hallway on the first floor leading to five separate exam rooms. Before this week, these rooms were little more than metal frames. Now, they’re real spaces!

A general exam room (top: rendering, bottom: this past week)

Our exam rooms have been designed to be the antithesis of your average medical exam room: spacious, comforting, and convenient. Simply put: an exam room you’ll want to spend time in.

The staircase leading from the ground level to the upper level, which will house wellness providers, among others(top: rendering, bottom: this past week)

Located at the back of the space, these stairs will lead you up to our upper level, home to wellness, dentistry, mental health, and chiropractics. Now, to get these lifts out of the way...

Stay tuned for our next dispatch as we get closer to launch this winter! To be among the first to receive updates about our launch and get access to exclusive early appointments, sign up for our emails at the bottom of our homepage. And check out our location page learn more about our flagship location.

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