Meet the Provider: Casey Epstein, PT, DPT

April 8, 2021
Meet the Provider

A Q&A with the clinical director of JAG-ONE Physical Therapy's NoHo office with HealthQuarters

As an avid hockey and golf player, Casey Epstein is no stranger to injury. The clinical director of JAG-ONE’s NoHo office with HealthQuarters, he uses his experience of recovering from injury to create comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and personalized treatment plans for his patients. 

A graduate from the University of Miami and the Medical University of South Carolina, he has also worked in the award winning orthopedic laboratory of Dr. Daniel Grande, concentrating on stem cell enhanced orthopedic outcomes. Read on to learn how he got started in physical therapy, how this past year has changed his approach to treating patients, and why he’s passionate about working with a diverse and collaborative team at HealthQuarters.

What inspired you to go into your field and how did you get started?

I was an athlete growing up, and I’ve had plenty of injuries. Unsurprisingly, I saw my fair share of physical therapists. With this exposure to the field and my passion for sports, I knew I wanted to go into sports medicine, but it wasn’t until I met Rich Bodian, one of the co-owners of JAG-ONE Physical Therapy, that I learned what it was like to be a part of a physical therapy practice. I ended up shadowing him and working at JAG-ONE for a year before I went to PT school. When I completed school, I moved to South Carolina for a year before coming back to work at our Georgetown office. Now, I’m the clinical director in our NoHo office with HealthQuarters.

How has this year changed your approach to physical therapy?

Aside from wearing a mask and using more hand sanitizer than ever before, I think the pandemic has given us the opportunity to dive a little deeper into people's concerns and how they may be affecting their rehab.

Pre-Covid, the mental aspect of physical therapy was often overlooked, but because we're in such a trying time, there's been a lot of change in that respect. I’ve had more time to really talk to patients to learn how they're feeling and what they're worried about, and to use those discussions to guide treatment.

Of course, this year has been tough for a lot of people, and stressors in their lives can impact their physical feeling and perception of pain. This year I've tried to make some positive changes in that area of their lives, in addition to the physical changes that we aim to make.

I’ve also seen how this approach improves outcomes, because patients can really see how you care. We always care, but when they’re able to see that investment, it helps improve their attitude and their commitment to getting better.

What can a guest expect from an appointment with you? What's it going to be like?

For initial evaluation, a guest can expect me to spend between 45 minutes to an hour with them taking measurements, assessing their movement patterns, and asking them questions about their health and what’s going on. From there, we’ll put together a plan for approaching recovery as well as giving them some exercises for home.

Can you talk more about how you see your practice as connected to holistic preventive care?

I love preventive care. One of the core tenets of my approach is assessing movement patterns. I have a couple of specialties—one of which is a golf rehab specialty, where I assess dysfunctional movement patterns and relate them back to body systems and how we can improve those outcomes.

If we can get to things like dysfunctional movement patterns before they become a problem, our outcomes are significantly better than if we were to wait until someone comes in with aches and pains caused by poor movement patterns.

What excites you most about practicing within HealthQuarters?

Access and collaboration. Having the ability to work in a space with physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, dentists, mental health professionals, and nutritionists is extremely exciting, because they all work to form a complete picture of healthcare. If we only address one piece of the pie, we're still behind the eight ball. But if you can collaborate between all these different specialities, that’s a true recipe for success in comprehensive body and mind care.

We're in a unique situation in that we’re always in the workspace together and can bounce ideas off each other to see how we can best treat our patients together.

Finally, can you tell us a bit about your life outside of medicine? What do you like to do with your time? Any passions or hobbies?

I still enjoy playing hockey and golf, and I love being on the golf course. I also love spending time with my family. We have a cabana in Atlantic Beach and love to spend our summers there as a family, escaping the city on weekends, and relaxing on the beach.

Casey Epstein, PT, DPT is the clinical director of JAG-ONE’s NoHo office with HealthQuarters, where he uses his experience of recovering from injury to create comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and personalized treatment plans for his patients.  You can make an appointment with Casey at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy inside HealthQuarters here.

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