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Lynn Hurst, DDS
Co-founder and Orthodontist
Nick Latchman
Store Manager
Liza Lim
X-ray Tech/Orthodontist Assistant

Smile Store

teeth, aligners, whitening, orthodontia
Anuradha Kottapalli, MD
Family Medicine
Alexandra Kreps, MD
Internal Medicine
TaeSoo Kim, PA
Physician Assistant
Claudia Rivera, MD
Family Medicine

Primary care

Primary care
From basic care like immunizations and checkups to care from top specialists, your Mount Sinai Doctors physician will help you get the treatment and services you need, quickly, easily, and stress-free.
primary care, gynecology, dermatology, annual checkup, physical
Anna Rozman, DO
Sports Medicine
Elizabeth Dennis, MD
Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Sports medicine

primary care, dermatology, annual checkup, physical
Mark Strom, MD


Dermatology at Mount Sinai is dedicated to delivering superior, comprehensive dermatologic care and advancing the science of dermatology through research and education.
primary care, dermatology, annual checkup, physical
Meredith Halpern, MD, FACOG


primary care, gynecology, dermatology, annual checkup, physical
Omar Waqar, MD


Mount Sinai board certified allergists and immunologists bring the most advanced testing and treatment methods to help diagnose and treat allergic and immunologic disorders.
primary care, dermatology, annual checkup, physical, allergy
Shari Auth, DACM, LAC, LMT
WTHN Co-Founder + Chief Healing Officer
Qihui Jin, MSAC, LAC
Denise Bradbie, MSAC, LAC
Joey Mesquita, LAC, DAC
Kiana Smith, MSTOM, LAC
Kyly Rabin
Co-Founder at Zak.
Myles Zakheim, OD
Co-Founder and Director of Eye Services
Casey Epstein
Clinical Director for JAG-ONE

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy

Physical therapy
Get back to the life you love.
Pre and post-operative rehabilitation, Hand Therapy, TMJ Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Gait Analysis...
massage, back, back pain, pain, knee pain, physical therapy, rehab
Eric I. Degis, DC
Chief Clinician

New York Spine Health

Chiropractic care
Helping chronic spine and pain sufferers get back to life.
One-on-One Functional and Corrective Rehabilitation.
massage, alignment, back, back pain, pain, knee pain, chiropractic, chiro
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